Top ten artists who became famous using nicknames

Elvis Costello will release a new album in October, the first with the Imposters from the Momofuko disc of 2008. Two Look Now singles are already being broadcast, one called “Under Lime” and the other called “Unwanted Number”.

His release will almost coincide with the fortieth anniversary of his first album, the sensational My Aim Is True. Hits like “Allison” and “Watching the Detectives” helped ensure that the man born Declan McManus would become a legend almost as big as that of the singer who shares his name.

Here are ten other artists who adopted pseudonyms that they have immortalized.

Fred Bulsara

He became one of the most extravagant lead singers in rock history, known forever as Queen’s Freddie Mercury.

Vincent Furnier

At first, the entire band became known as Alice Cooper, but very soon that name was used only for their lead singer.

Robert Zimmerman

Of course, the native of Hibbing, Minnesota, would take the name of a poet, since Bob Dylan himself would eventually win the Nobel Prize for Literature by force of his remarkable verses with music.

David jones

As the Monkees and their lead singer had existed for several years, this aspiring young folk rock artist would go on to “fame-fame-fame” as David Bowie.

Reginald Dwight

Like his original identity, his new last name was a common name like John. His adopted first name, Elton, is now the only one he needs.

Gordon Sumner

One can assume that his pseudonym didn’t hurt much, since Sting led the rather popular rock band called Police.

Steven Tallorico

He cut the syllables in half while maintaining the same initial, making the lead singer of Aerosmith always known as Steven Tyler.

Richard Starkey

Anyone with a slight awareness of the history of rock knows that this influential drummer became Ringo Starr just before finding immortality with a group known as The Beatles.

William Michael Albert Broad

Four names were reduced to just nine letters after becoming Billy Idol, who achieved great successes with “White Wedding”, “Dancing with Myself”, “Eyes Without a Face” and a version of “Mony Mony” that became famous for first time. Tommy James and the Shondells.

John Richard Baldwin

He can be heard playing the organ in “Stairway To Heaven”, but mostly he kept up the rhythm as bassist John Paul Jones of the legendary rock band Led Zeppelin.