Ten songs about Paris that could help the French celebrate the World Cup

The World Cup was the dominant theme in the world of sports last week, but since I wasn’t even a lukewarm football fan, I only saw about ten minutes of the action. The only reason I saw that limited segment is because a game ran for the estimated time, which was ahead of the Judge Judy episode that I intended to watch.

However, a fragment of the post-championship game caught my attention and, more importantly, my ear. While the video showed the Croats, after a heartbreaking loss in the final round it was heard singing a song that I recognized immediately.

It was the success of Oasis “Don’t Look Back In Anger” from the most popular album of the British band What’s the Story Morning Glory. It is the second most famous song on that album, which follows only the classic single “Wonder Wall”.

I thought it was a strange tune for the runner-up of the World Cup, but it made me think what song his victorious opponents would choose. Those in the circle of winners could celebrate by playing a well-known song that mentions the capitol of their country, the European nation of France.

Here are ten songs that mention that same city in their titles.

Let’s Tango In Paris by the Stranglers

This is one of Feline’s acoustic numbers, the 1980 album that marked the definitive transformation of the punk rock band into a more accessible sound.

Free man in Paris by Joni Mitchell

“Help Me” and “Chelsea Morning” combined with this classic to make Court and Spark the most successful commercial album of the folk singer.

Paris crimes by Elvis Costello

French landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower are mentioned in this excellent song from the production of Nick Lowe Blood and Chocolate.

Join Nuit A Paris for 10cc

A three-part musical epic, this opener sets the stage for the group’s revolutionary album The Original Soundtrack.

Paris 1919 by John Cale

After leaving Velvet Underground, Cale made many solo albums, none better than where this main song came from.

I’m throwing my arms around Paris by Morrissey

The city of love does not seem to be a likely destination for the often melancholic singer of the Smiths, but figuratively hugs her here.

Dreaming of Paris by Van Dyke Parks

In addition to producing great albums by Phil Ochs, Harry Nilsson and Biff Rose, Parks demonstrated here and on other tracks of Songs Cycled that he could make his own albums.

Go to Paris for the Waterboys

It was not a hit as big as “The Whole of the Moon”, but it is more representative of the typical British alternative band sound.

I love Paris by Frank Sinatra

Ella Fitzgerald turned the song into a standard, but Old Blue Eyes is responsible for my favorite performance.

Leaving for Paris by Rufus Wainwright

Loudon’s son and Martha’s sister have made many good albums, as this track shows.