How to take care of your instruments along the way

If you are a musician traveling with equipment, then you know the challenges you face to take care of your instrument along the way. Having a musician’s insurance is an essential requirement to cover it in situations where you need to replace or repair an instrument quickly. This is especially true for traveling musicians whose livelihood is intertwined with their instrument.

Regardless of the equipment you carry on the road, these are the most important tips to remember to make sure you protect your instrument while on the move. Most likely, if you are traveling, you have had your instrument long enough to know how to take care of it at home. Keep it in its case, keep it safely, clean it regularly and check it for marks or damage. However, the road is not a normal environment and taking care of your instrument means following some additional safety procedures.

Protect against theft

The nightmare scenario is the loss or theft of your instrument. When you’re traveling, you can’t always make sure your guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophone or whatever you play is always in a safe environment. For this reason, and for your peace of mind, the musician’s insurance is crucial for traveling musicians.

Before going on the road, be sure to keep a record of the details of your instrument. This is especially true if you travel with a few instruments. If you have more than one guitar, for example, consider the brand and model and take some photos. Do you have any distinctive features? Get a close-up shot of anything that makes it stand out. In case of theft, these notes and photos can help you recover your instrument. Having these details at hand is also very useful for musicians who should contact their insurer.

Be attentive

Traveling by van, plane or public transport is an inevitable part of life on the road for a musician. These are the times when your instrument has the highest risk of being stolen. Whenever possible, keep track of your instrument. While this is not always possible, you should always be as attentive as possible when using public transportation. When you are at a concert, keep in mind that a van parked in a place’s parking lot is a primary target for thieves, so make sure the van is serviced. Appointing a trusted person when he can’t be there helps keep everyone’s instruments safe.