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Rock stars start with cold calls

In recent weeks, I have seen two notable films: A Star is Born with Lady Gaga and Bohemian Rhapsody about Freddie Mercury and Queen.

There is always a lot to learn about the success of rock stars. The most successful devote a great deal of time and hard work to reach the top.

In a recent interview with Stephen Colbert, Lady Gaga spoke about her early days:

“I knew I had something to say and I knew I wanted to say it. I was dragging my keyboard everywhere in New York City and knocking on everyone’s door. I was doing everything I could; I was really working and really believed in myself. . ”

In the case of Freddie Mercury, he joined a band called Smile as their lead singer and began writing songs. He changed the name of the band to Queen and convinced them to sell his truck to produce his first album. And that record led to his first tour of the United States.

Both Lady Gaga and Freddy Mercury had an unwavering belief in their talents and the energy to keep pushing until they achieved their dreams.

They didn’t care about rejection. Lady Gaga knocked on the doors. Freddy Mercury canceled Queen’s record deal with EMI because they wouldn’t make Bohemian Rhapsody a single. It became one of the most successful rock songs of all time.

They had guts, a unique vision and real perseverance in difficult circumstances.

How about you?

Are you 100% committed to the success of your business?

Are you willing to endure difficult challenges, disinterest in your offers, even rejection?

Do you believe in yourself and the difference you can make in the world?

Will you do whatever it takes to convey your message to anyone who listens to it?

Being a rock star doesn’t just mean being a great artist.

It means knocking on doors, defending what you believe, taking risks, making mistakes, looking silly and never giving up.

As a freelancer, it means being authentic, giving real value, producing solid results for your clients and loving what you do.

It does not mean finding the so-called “killer marketing strategy” that is exaggerated with exaggerations, tricks and empty promises.

No, it means finding your true message that resonates with your ideal clients and allows you to act.

And only you can find and deliver that message.

That’s what rock stars do.

Lady Gaga and Freddy Mercury did it. Why not you?

Morning of my life (Bee Gees song)

He was not yet born when the Bee Gees were introduced to the world of music and to follow their popularity. In my teens, I could listen to his music on a transistor radio and during the intercession of social networks like YouTube I could appreciate more videos of Bee Gees. There are many musical genres that people enjoy based on their preferences, such as pop, rock, jazz and more. Unfounded if we don’t listen to the music and to demonstrate what made them famous.

The sound of the Bee Gee can easily be identified as loud and lively interpreted by the famous vocal harmonies of the three brothers; With the voice of falsetto Barry Gibb became the brand of the band. Bee Gees songs are considered old but good in musical circulation. The sound of Bee Gees would always be accompanied by a vibrato at the end of a sentence and a control of the effects of percussion and overdubs of strings lead him to appreciate the rhythm. Fans love it so much that it keeps most of their songs more interesting. His songs like “How can you repair a broken heart”, “I started a joke”, “Massachusetts”, “How deep is your love”, “Night fever”, “Loving someone”, “You should be dancing” “Too Much Heaven “,” Jive Talkin “,” Spicks and Specks “,” Run To Me “,” Tragedy “,” Words “and” Staying Alive “are just some of the classics of the golden age of pop music.

The 1970s was a proliferation of unique sounds from the Bee Gees disco theme. His music has become more attractive as time goes by. Music resonates with deep meanings such as sharing life experiences, love, friendship, poetry and cultural elements. Have you ever wondered why its sound is so fascinating, so simple and yet effectively incomparable?

The first time I heard the song “Morning of My Life” (also known as “In the Morning”) its melody and lyrics are captivating that without knowing it they will surprise you by daydreaming no matter what time it is. It will take you to the moment when you are completely aware of your feelings and that you want to keep coming back to that moment and persist all the time. The song is lovely that will cradle you at the desired time of your life. The simple thought created in this song is so gratifying that it will pronounce a sweet smile on the face. Discover listening to its melody and take advantage of the substance within the words.

The first stanza says: “In the morning, when the moon is at rest”, “You will find me at the moment that I like the most”, “Watching the rainbows play with the sunlight”, “Pools of ice water cold night”. , “” In the morning, “” It’s the morning of my life. “The message here is for someone who carefully reflects on the beginning of time that is naive and a pristine love.

The second stanza says: “During the day, I will find you as before”, “You will find me waiting by the ocean floor”, “Building castles in quicksand”, “In a world that nobody understands,” “In the morning , it’s the morning of my life. ” Here, my exegesis of the message is the transformation of life out of the comfort zone and goes beyond its capacity where success and failure can come and that only he could understand.

The third stanza details this: “In the morning of my life”, “The minutes take so long to disappear”, “Be patient with your life”, “It’s only morning and you still have to live your day”. What I realized with this stanza is the moment that is difficult to let go, but the reality is that it takes time to accept what it takes to leave in the past and live another day.

The last stanza mentions this: “At night, I will take you to the moon”, “to the upper right corner of the ceiling of my room”, “where we will stay until the sun shines”, “another day to hang on the clothesline , if I yawn, it’s the morning of my life. ” As I understand it, the message would probably be expressed in the twilight years of their lives, passing together in the attic where the writing was kept in the lights, waiting to wake up for another dawn to remember the beauty of life.

How to take care of your instruments along the way

If you are a musician traveling with equipment, then you know the challenges you face to take care of your instrument along the way. Having a musician’s insurance is an essential requirement to cover it in situations where you need to replace or repair an instrument quickly. This is especially true for traveling musicians whose livelihood is intertwined with their instrument.

Regardless of the equipment you carry on the road, these are the most important tips to remember to make sure you protect your instrument while on the move. Most likely, if you are traveling, you have had your instrument long enough to know how to take care of it at home. Keep it in its case, keep it safely, clean it regularly and check it for marks or damage. However, the road is not a normal environment and taking care of your instrument means following some additional safety procedures.

Protect against theft

The nightmare scenario is the loss or theft of your instrument. When you’re traveling, you can’t always make sure your guitar, keyboard, drums, saxophone or whatever you play is always in a safe environment. For this reason, and for your peace of mind, the musician’s insurance is crucial for traveling musicians.

Before going on the road, be sure to keep a record of the details of your instrument. This is especially true if you travel with a few instruments. If you have more than one guitar, for example, consider the brand and model and take some photos. Do you have any distinctive features? Get a close-up shot of anything that makes it stand out. In case of theft, these notes and photos can help you recover your instrument. Having these details at hand is also very useful for musicians who should contact their insurer.

Be attentive

Traveling by van, plane or public transport is an inevitable part of life on the road for a musician. These are the times when your instrument has the highest risk of being stolen. Whenever possible, keep track of your instrument. While this is not always possible, you should always be as attentive as possible when using public transportation. When you are at a concert, keep in mind that a van parked in a place’s parking lot is a primary target for thieves, so make sure the van is serviced. Appointing a trusted person when he can’t be there helps keep everyone’s instruments safe.

How to become a fast successful guitar master

It is easier than you think to turn guitar students into excellent musicians and live at the same time. Here are 3 ways to do it:

1. Create specific lesson plans to help students reach their goals

It is a common mistake to use generalized lesson plans for all students. This fails because all guitar students have unique musical goals and learning styles. Instead of teaching them with a simple approach, learn about their specific goals during or before the first lesson. Then, create a unique lesson plan to help them achieve their goals and show them their progress along the way.

His guitar students are incredibly motivated when they know he is helping them achieve what they want and is consistently showing their progress. This results in faster progress and a better reputation for you (= more students and more money).

2. Learn to teach different classes of students

Each student learns in a different way. Some are easily discouraged by mistakes or feel overwhelmed by the idea of ??a challenging practice. These guys need extra encouragement and tons of early wins to build their confidence. Other students are already confident in their abilities and can practice tedious exercises when they know it will help them in the long term.

It is up to you as a teacher to identify which student you are working with and teach them accordingly. Pay close attention to this aspect of teaching until identifying the types of students becomes second nature. The better you do it, the faster your students will improve.

In addition, some students may change over time, so it is up to you to observe this and make the adjustment.

Tip: When teaching beginner students, be sure to avoid things like reading at first sight and music theory at first. These students want to start playing something musical as soon as possible (whether they know it or not). Helping them do this quickly increases their confidence and enthusiasm for learning.

3. Beginning teachers of guitar teaching

Teaching beginners is essential to earn a lot of money in your guitar teaching business. There are more beginning students than any other type of student. Once you master the teaching of beginning guitar students, you can teach more students, complete their teaching schedule and keep it full for many years.

Do you want to be good at teaching beginners right away? Start by learning: how to teach chords.